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Spanish Verb Tener and Haber
Can you get 10 out of 10?
There is a heater here, but I am cold.
1.) Aquí una estufa, pero frío.
We don't have enough coffee, we need to buy some more.
2.) No suficiente café, que comprar más.
Do you have the book about animals?
3.) ¿ el libro sobre animales?
There are some flowers on the table.
4.) flores sobre la mesa.
I think you have all the books that there are about music.
5.) Creo que todos los libros que sobre música.
Do you have enough sugar? Otherwise there is some here.
6.) ¿ bastante azúcar? Si no, aquí más.
I don't have your blue T-shirt.
7.) Yo no tu camiseta azul.
Do you have time now to talk?
8.) ¿ tiempo ahora para hablar?
In the city there are many cinemas, but I don't have money to go.
9.) En la ciudad muchos cines, pero yo no dinero para ir.
We need to take the dog out for a walk, but I don't have time. (tricky)
10.) que sacar el perro a pasear pero yo no tiempo.

Tener and Haber

For some general uses, please refer to Tener and Haber

The following test will be a combination of both "tener" and "haber".

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