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Learn Spanish Verbs

Spanish Verb Tests.

Objective = 10 out of 10.


10 out of 10

In our first release lessons of the Spanish verb tests, we are going to learn when and how to use the Present tense of the indicative mood. We will explain when to use certain Spanish verbs and how to distinguish which spanish verb you should be using.

Remember: When learning Spanish there are many rules (grammatical) that you need to follow. But just as important there is one rule you need to now and accept. The rule is: "Because that is how we say it in Spanish". You will see this rule been applied in the Verbs ser, estar and tengo in our test sections. Remember this rule will apply in many scenarios in the day to day speech.

With these first lessons you are going to learn about the Present simple of the Indicative Mood, with more tenses in the near future.

The questions and answers to these tests change frequently, so please come back to practice more. Your objective is 10 out of 10, so remember anything less needs more verb training practice.

You can practice your verb conjugating skills with our online Spanish verb trainer.

Spanish Verb Tests.

Ser vrs Estar
Tener vrs Haber
Tener vrs Estar
Estar vrs Hay
Saber vrs Conocer


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Below you will find a list of the most common and useful Spanish verbs. The list points to pages where you will find the specific Spanish verb fully conjugated in the three moods (Indicative, Subjunctive and Imperative).

andar, aprender, ayudar, buscar, cambiar, conseguir, corregir, dar, decir, distinguir, encontrar, escribir, escuchar, estar, explicar, expresar, gustar, haber, hablar, hacer, ir, leer, mirar, mostrar, necesitar, oír, poder, practicar, pronunciar, recorder, saber, seleccionar, ser, tener, tener, traer, utilizar, ver, vestir.

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