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Spanish Verb Gustar
Can you get 10 out of 10?
Everybody likes this cake or this cake is liked by everybody.
1.) Esta tarta a todo el mundo.
Do you like books?
2.) ¿Te los libros?
I don't like that song.
3.) No me esa canción.
My mother likes the opera.
4.) A mi madre le la ópera.
Children like sweets.
5.) A los niños les los caramelos.
These accessories are liked a lot.
6.) Estos complementos mucho.
I don't know why this perfume is not liked.
7.) No sé por qué este perfume no .
Why don't you like your present?
8.) ¿Por qué no te tu regalo?
We like light colors.
9.) Nos los colores claros.
Do you like my new hand bag?
10.) ¿ mi bolso nuevo?

Gustar = to like

To express our likes in Spanish we conjugate “gustar” in a special way. We need to use a pronoun in front of the verb to show which person we are referring to and then we will always use “gusta / gustan”.
Me gustan las comedias. (I like comedies).
Nos gusta este coche (we like this car).
Nos gustan los animales (we like animals).

To talk about if something or someone is liked or not, “Gustar” is conjugated in the normal way.
Este modelo de coche gusta mucho. (this car model is liked a lot = this car model is very popular).

To form the negative of all Spanish verbs, you simply place the word "no" in front of the verb.
Tengo = I have, No tengo = I do not have.

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