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Spanish Grammar

Learn Spanish ADVERBS

Adverbs are words we use to determine an adjective, a verb, another adverb or a sentence. Adverbs are invariable words in English and in Spanish, they do not distinguish between masculine and feminine. The English adverbs ending in “-ly” are the equivalent to the Spanish adverbs ending in “-mente”.


Los adverbios son las palabras que utilizamos para determinar un adjetivo, un verbo, otro adverbio o una frase. Los adverbios son palabras invariables en inglés y en español. Los adverbios ingleses terminados en “-ly” son los equivalentes a los adverbios españoles terminados en “-mente”.

Spanish Adverbs - Examples

English Term Spanish Term
handsomely generosamente
harshly severamente
forward adelante
jointly conjuntamente
originally originalmente
quickly rápidamente
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