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Easy way to learn Spanish

What are these items called in Spanish?

In this section of our Spanish lessons, you have the opportunity of testing what you have previously studied from our Spanish Internet picture dictionary. Tell us what the item in the picture is by filling in the correct answer. You also have four audio clues associated with the picture. The correct answer might be in the clue, but then again it might not be. Of course spelling counts so remember to use the Spanish accent keys provided. If you get stuck, you can always go back to the Spanish Internet picture dictionary and learn the Spanish words within the section.

What are these clothing items?
What are these country names?
What are these animal names?
What are these nature items?
What are these body parts?
What are these foods?
What are these fruits?
What are these vegetables?
What are these kitchen items?
What are these household items?
What are these garage items?
What are these car parts?
What are these office items?
What are these professions?
What are these industries?
What are these army items?
What are these sports?
What are these modes of transport?
What are these money and investment items?
Remember the easiest way to learn Spanish is to learn as many Spanish words as you can. The more you study Spanish vocabulary the quicker and easier it will be for you to speak Spanish.


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