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Everyday we all have a set of routines that we automatically do. Here you will find a great list of daily routines translated into Spanish. You will also find images related to the words or phrases that will assist you in the learning and memorizing process.


I You
I wake up
me despierto
you wake up
te despiertas
I get up
me levanto
you get up
te levantas
I make coffee
hago café
you make coffee
haces café
I have a coffee
tomo café
you have a coffee
tomas café
I have a shower
me ducho
you have a shower
te duchas
I wash my hair
me lavo el pelo
you wash your hair
te lavas el pelo
I brush my teeth
me lavo los dientes
you brush your teeth
te lavas los dientes
I comb my hair
me peino
you comb your hair
te peinas
I shave
me afeito
you shave
te afeitas
I get dressed
me visto
you get dressed
te vistes
I leave the house
salgo de casa
you leave the house
sales de casa
I study
you study
I come back home
vuelvo a casa
you come back home
vuelves a casa
I have lunch
you have lunch
I watch TV
veo la tele
you watch TV
ves la tele
I work on the computer
trabajo en el ordenador
you work on the computer
trabajas en el ordenador
I have dinner
you have dinner
I go to bed
me voy a la cama/me acuesto
you go to bed
te vas a la cama/te acuestas
I fall asleep
me duermo
you fall asleep
te duermes
I dream
you dream
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