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Fitness and Gym Equipment Vocabulary.

Here you will find useful vocabulary for all those learning Spanish who also enjoy working out in a Gym or Fitness center. The images provided here  are to assist you with the learning and memorizing process.

Note: Learning Spanish or any language using aids such as physical exercise is one of the best and most enjoyable methods of learning. Combining learning with physical activity speeds up learning and makes learning more enjoyable.

Fitness sentences.

Everyday, I run on the treadmill at least for 20 minutes.
Todos los días corro en la cinta de correr por lo menos 20 minutos.

On Mondays, my routine includes Chest and Triceps.
Los Lunes, mi rutina incluye Pecho y Tríceps.

On Tuesdays I really enjoy as I train legs.
Los martes realmente disfruto porque entreno piernas.

Leg press is my favorite piece of gym equipment.
La prensa de piernas es mi máquina favorita del gimnasio.

I try to get to the gym at least 4 times a week.
Intento ir al gimnasio por lo menos 4 veces a la semana.

Usually, I am at the gym from 17:00 until 18:20.
Normalmente estoy en el gimnasio desde las 17:00 hasta las 18:20.

The images provided here are compliments of LifeFitness. For more information please visit their website.

Selectorized gym equipment.
Máquinas de Placas.

Abdominal Crunch
Ab Rotation Adductor
Glute - Kick back
Glúteos de pie
Total Hip
Glúteos de pie
Leg Extensions
Extension de Cuadrceps/Extensión de piernas
Leg Press
Prensa horizontal de piernas
Seated Leg Curl
Femoral tumbado/Flexión de piernas sentado
Lower Back Extensions
Máquina de lumbares/Extensión lumbar
Lat Pulldown
Máquina de dorsales/Polea alta
Seated Row
Remo sentado
Bicep Curls
Verticle Chest Press
Press vertical de pecho/Prensa vertical
Tricep Pushdown
Tríceps/Dominadas sentado
Press de hombros/Prensa de hombros
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